We not only read, we write! 

Check out these blogs and web sites that are hosted by our members.

Caribou’s Mom

“This blog initially began as a way to keep family and friends involved in what was happening in my life. But in 2007, it evolved into a predominantly literary endeavor. It is here I post book reviews, reading challenges, and other literary thoughts. I occasionally veer off into other areas, but mostly I blog about books and reading.”  — Wendy

Booksies Blog

“Booksie’s Blog is just for book reviews; I don’t write about things going on in my life.  I review books and do book giveaways.” — Sandie


“.. mostly eclectic book reviews (books old and new, fiction and non-fiction, basically all over the board), a few weekly memes, occasional bits about my running or about life and my family.” — Kristen

Palmer’s Picks for Reading

“I blog about the books I’ve read with some furkid pictures as well.  I read mostly cozy mysteries, young adult books, and chick lit but I read out of those genres too.”  — Melissa

SOX and the City

” A blog of my thoughts, musings, readings, writings, etc., and of course, lists of books I’ve read and want to read, favorites, etc” — Karen (Soky)

Reading 2010

“My notes about what I’ve read, along with my thoughts in general.” — Bekah

I Can Has Books?

“A place where I review books and share my book challenges. It’s a new effort, so bear with me!” —  Carrie

The Ratio of Failures

“I blog as ‘June Freaking Cleaver,” a bit of everything about my life including my thoughts on books.” — Kim